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Stress and Anxiety Self-Management

This “Excellence in Manufacturing” training series is designed to give participants a better understanding of how to recognize anxiety, how to handle its impact, and how to reduce your stress level in today’s difficult and challenging work environment.  During this virtual-live online training, participants will learn those skills needed to deal with stress and anxiety.

The “Anxiety Self-Management” series is a 6-part training program designed to train the participants about “recognizing and dealing with” stress and how it affects your well-being at work and at home. ALL classes are conducted virtually with a live trainer online, making these classes very interactive to ensure the participants will receive the full benefit of the program.

Each module consists of 3 hours of virtual training conducted in segments over two consecutive days.


Module 1: Know Your Anxiety – SEP. 23-24
Module 2: Reducing Anxiety – SEP. 30- OCT. 1
Module 3: Self-Maintenance – OCT. 7-8
Module 4: Change Your Thinking – OCT. 14-15
Module 5: Anxiety and Your Relationships – OCT. 21-22
Module 6: Support – OCT. 28-29

Classroom time… 9:00 am to 10:30 am / 11:00 am

The Anxiety Series is designed for those individuals who have stressful careers and is open for any level of employee within an organization.

PRICING: $1,200 SFMA members; $1,500 for NON-SFMA members

Session Descriptions

Module 1: Know Your Anxiety
In this module, the participants will learn to recognize what causes anxiety, and specifically what triggers their own anxiety and how to build self-awareness of those triggers, creating a path to prevention through recognition.

Module 2: Reducing Anxiety
Personal habits dictate who we are and how we deal with stress. In this training session, the participants will gain an understanding of how their personal habits and lifestyle can affect their stress levels and anxiety. From here, they will learn how to change those habits through self-improvement and problem solving, thus creating a healthier lifestyle that will reduce their anxiety.

Module 3: Self-Maintenance
Committing oneself to change and recognizing that need to change certain aspects of one’s life is the key to success when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety. However, commitment goes beyond this… the commitment is to maintaining and sustaining a better lifestyle and accepting that change is for the betterment of the person and those around that person. This module will help the participants understand this commitment and create a roadmap to change and maintaining self-awareness of stress triggers and how to avoid them.

Module 4: Change Your Thinking
Continuing the path of change, the way you think about stress and situations can be challenging. In this training, the participants will learn how to adopt a different way of thinking about stressful situations and how to manage emotions during those situations.

Module 5: Anxiety and Your Relationships
Stress and anxiety not only affects you, but those around you. When you are stressed, everyone from co-workers to your family will feel it. During this course, the participants will learn how anxiety affects others and your own performance, both personally and professionally. You will learn new skills on how to recognize those affects and how to deal with stress around others.

Module 6: Support
The most important factor is learning to cope with anxiety and stress is to have a circle of support. Family, friends, and co-workers are all part of your life, and those around you can be your support. This course will re-train the way you think about stress and how to create that “circle of support” to help you get through tough times. The participants will learn more about daily routines to keep their stress and anxiety in check.


Sep 23 2021 - Oct 29 2021


9:00 am - 10:30 am


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